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Warike - Review

Located here in Surry Hills, we have Warike serving you authentic Peruvian food with bursting flavours, with a twist of Japanese and Australian cuisine! At Warike, you'll embark on a culinary adventure that will leave your taste buds longing for more.

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What did I have?


If you're a fan of oysters, don't miss the Oysters Al Aji Amarillo, showcasing Sydney Rock oysters dressed in Aji Amarillo sauce, dill oil, chalaquita, and tiger's milk.

For a burst of colour and taste, the Scallops Tiradito with Hokkaido scallops, Rocoto sauce, lumpfish, chalaquita pickles, and a crispy sweet potato cracker is an absolute winner.

The Kingfish Tiradito, accompanied by quinoa, torched sweet potato, and Peruvian corn, is a must-try for seafood enthusiasts.

Craving some rolls? The Aji De Gallina Rolls will satisfy your taste buds with shredded chicken, parmesan cheese, pecans, Aji Amarillo, and a delightful mix of flavours.

Seafood lovers shouldn't miss the Locro De Camarones, featuring charcoal prawns, pumpkin puree, queso fresco, quail egg, and a sprinkle of dry olives.


Indulge in the Anticuchos, tender beef loin marinated in Anticuchera sauce, served with white Peruvian corn, potatoes, and a side of Aji de Huacatay.

For a delightful rice dish, the Paella Con Mariscos with Bomba rice, charcoal prawns, octopus, chalaquita, prawn mayo, and a touch of squid ink (optional) will leave you satisfied.


And of course, we can't forget the iconic Lomo Saltado, featuring charcoal Scotch fillet, Lomo Saltado sauce, cherry tomatoes, onion, and potatoes—a true Peruvian classic.

Finally, complete your feast with the irresistible Suspiro De Lucuma, a dessert crafted with lucuma, dulce de leche, merengue, crunchy quinoa, and a hint of orange zest.

Peruvian cuisine was an exciting first for me, and my taste buds were in for a treat when I discovered the wonderful Warike. Let me tell you, I'm absolutely thrilled that I took the plunge! The dishes at Warike were bursting with the freshest ingredients sourced from local farms, delivering an explosion of incredible flavours that left me utterly satisfied.

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