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Manousheh Gregory Hills - Review

I had the pleasure of visiting Manousheh Gregory Hills and let me tell you, it was a flavour-packed experience like no other! Their menu is filled with delicious options, and I couldn't resist trying their mouthwatering manoush creations.

If you're in the Camden region and craving an authentic taste of Beirut, look no further than Manousheh. This cozy bakery located in Gregory Hills is all about bringing the flavours of Lebanon to the neighbourhood. As a family-friendly establishment, Manousheh specialises in crafting delicious Lebanese flatbread, also known as Manoush. They take pride in offering our customers an authentic culinary experience straight from the heart of Beirut. That's why they have curated a menu that goes beyond just Manoush, featuring a diverse selection of traditional dishes that perfectly complement their signature flatbreads!

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What did I have?


For a taste of Middle Eastern tradition, I savoured the Zaatar, Veg, and Labneh Manoush, with its aromatic flavours and creamy labneh.

I couldn't resist trying the Kaak & Cheese, which had a satisfying crunch and a heavenly mix of three kinds of cheese.

And for a vegetarian option, the Fried Cauliflower & Tahini Manoush hit all the right notes with its crispy cauliflower and creamy tahini. This is a MUST!


Moving on to the main dishes, I explored their flavorful bowls.

First up, we have the Baalbak bowl, a hearty combination of three fluffy eggs, sujuk, basturma, spicy Lebanese sausages, and a delectable Fatteh topped with peppered lamb. This dish is complete with an array of fresh vegetables and is served alongside fluffy Lebanese bread.

Next, we have the Beirut bowl, a traditional mix of two fluffy scrambled eggs, shanklish, labneh, basturma, sujuk, and our za'atar oil blend. This flavorful bowl is also accompanied by an assortment of vegetables and served with Lebanese bread.

For those seeking a comforting stew, the Foul is a must-try. This lava bean and chickpea stew is braised in a hearty garlic and lemon broth, and then topped with diced tomatoes and parsley, creating a harmonious combination of flavours.

And if you're in the mood for a satisfying yogurt-based dish, the Fatteh & Meat will hit the spot. This traditional yogurt dish is generously topped with fried peppered lamb mince, adding a savoury twist to this classic favourite. Each of these dishes is served with fluffy Lebanese bread, ensuring every bite is a delightful experience.

My visit to Manousheh Gregory Hills was pure bliss! As someone with a deep love for Lebanese cuisine, this experience was absolutely amazing. Lebanese food truly has a special place in my heart, and this delightful journey at Manousheh exceeded all my expectations. Get ready to savour the authentic taste of Lebanon right at your table!

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