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Mjølner - Review

Embark on a culinary journey with me as I recount my unforgettable experience at Mjølner restaurant in Sydney. This Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and I decided to shake things up and indulge in a feast fit for the gods.

From the moment we pushed open the wooden doors, we were transported straight into the grand halls of Valhalla. Greeted warmly by our waiter, our table was blessed in the name of Odin, and when the cry of “SKÅL!” echoed, it was time for a complimentary shot (yes, on the house!).

Watch My New Reel For Mjølner Below!


What did I have?


The Voyager cocktail from Freyja’s Fixes menu (left) had a delicious blend of Plantation Pineapple rum, Martini Rosso, and coconut, all balanced with the exotic flavour of pandan curd and a refreshing squeeze of lemon juice.

The Northern Lights cocktail (right) from Thor’s favourite menu combines Beefeater gin and iced riesling. It also includes the subtle notes of sorrel and elderflower, which give it a unique and refreshing taste. To add a bright and refreshing taste experience, a hint of malic acid is used to finish the cocktail.


First up, Mjølner's charred venison is a flavour explosion! The malt crumb adds a satisfying crunch, while the spiced honey and walnut bring a delightful sweetness. Plus, with the crunch of walnuts and the freshness of sprouts, it's a dish you won't forget – trust me, even if it's your first time trying deer, you'll love it!

And who knew baby potatoes could be so exciting? With a kick of horseradish and creamy sour cream, they're a simple pleasure that hits all the right notes.


For starters, the "Bird" dish (Whole Chicken) offers succulent rotisserie corn-fed chicken accompanied by charred cavolo nero, sweet grapes, parsnip, and a rich jus gras.

On the other hand, the "Beast" dish (Short Beef Ribs) features tender beef short rib coated in a flavorful Westward whiskey glaze, served alongside a tangy maple mustard.

Both dishes promise a delightful blend of flavours and textures, making them perfect for any palate.


The Chocolate Brûlée at Mjølner is a true delight for any dessert lover. The rich chocolate flavour paired with the smoky undertones of marrow creates a unique and unforgettable experience. The addition of whisky adds a subtle kick that enhances the overall complexity of the dish. It's decadent, indulgent, and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend trying it for a memorable sweet ending to your meal.

The value, the experience, and the food surpassed all expectations. Both of us being fans of Norse mythology, stepping into the majestic halls of Valhalla with its captivating storytelling and stunning interior was truly mesmerising.

The service was not only impeccable but also incredibly fun and accommodating. Can’t wait to return with friends and family!

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